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City of Chesapeake

The City of Chesapeake

                  Have you ever been in Chesapeake in Virginia? If not, let us have a tour on why many are considering living in this place. Chesapeake is one of the independent cities of the United States that is located in Virginia. Within Chesapeake is their Bay that stretches approximately 200 miles from the Susquehanna River up to the Atlantic Ocean. Its land area that drains into the bay is known as the Chesapeake Bay Watershed surrounds some parts of the six states, such as, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia as well as Washington DC. The city can offer the following fun and attraction for the family and tourist.

Family Fun

                  The city offers sun for the whole family. They have a collection of seemingly endless waterways, family fun parks, acres of forested wetlands, accessible arts and museum for around year of fun for kids. Having fun does not cost big bucks; the City Park and Great Bridge Lock Park always have free admission. The amazing Chesapeake Arboretum has always open for public viewing and the Planetarium never charged for stargazing. They also have a three acre of Fun Forest and Chilled Ponds. For an outdoor fun and excitement, they should visit the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge with 111,000 acres of wetlands. The Pristine Lake Drummond and the Northwest River Park provides a natural recreation in its finest. For those who want to hit the beach, the Virginia Beach is only a 15 minute drive. Families can have without even spending.

Perfect Place for Vegans

                  For those tourists and individuals who are vegetarian and are planning to stay in Chesapeake, they should visit the cities best place for natural food, which is Sage Organics; it has gluten free, raw food and other vegetarian friendly products.

Great Schools

                  For those families who are planning to raise a family in Chesapeake, the Hickory, Grassfield, and Great Bridge areas have great schools that are family oriented, providing the best education for kids for their future well being.


Place of safety

                  Chesapeake is a place with a very minimum crime. Their papers have reports of petty theft, which is a minor crime, there would be reports of assault and that is a pretty big deal in the place. Homeowners may forget to lock their doors, but no one even their neighbors will be tempted to enter the property, which is the best place for those who are always forgetting to lock their doors.


They have Chilled Ponds

                  Which is a fun place of activity for children; it has all levels of skaters at the Pond which is not crowded. Chilled Ponds and Turf Sports Complex are the place for those who want to play hockey and skating. They even held tons of leagues in the area, skating lessons and a unique place to throw a birthday party.

                  Yes, the city could be quite boring for those who have an outgoing lifestyle. But, they are times that change is good, especially for families and for those who wants a reality change. Chesapeake is offering a quite sanctuary for everyone where a second chance of living is possible and living quietly is reachable, away from the noisy streets of big cities.




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